Times flies

Hi blog.
I'm back. Re-focused and energized.

I am energized these days by a fabulous group of creative women I have started working with Femme Five Art Collective. Opening May 4th at Creative Blueprint Gallery Toronto. More details soon.

Here is a new painting I have been working on for the show.
Northern Succulents 2

I have changed my painting style in the past few years. Yes again;) More on that here.
I took a step back from my painting process and approached it from a new angle.
I have stopped worrying about what people will think of my work.
I can only be me.
So I am going to be as me as I can be.

Here is my window garden. I've started experimenting with plants.
Too many flower pots on the window sill were problematic with two kittens; so I hung most of our house plants. Its been a few months and the plants are doing fine. Its is a work in progress, I will share changes here.

Cute no?