Upcoming Exhibition

Nomads No More

On Thursday December 17th the stark white walls of the DeLeon White Gallery will be the backdrop to the gleaming dance and layered tension of Aleksandra Rdest’s explorations of abstract archetype and the fierce reverberations of Sarah Hillock’s red back drops and sacred aurochs.

This is a show that would be best summed up as a marriage of sensations not unlike eating vast quantities of bitter chocolate and sweet chilis. The one sensation growing so strong one can no longer stand it becomes the place of comfort from which one may experience a new disparate sensation. Layer on layer of experience and emotion intermingle within these works. The joy and the pain, with the common sense to temper them both with critical humor, is evident along with the hard won chops that are needed to express these kinds of nuance.

Original compositions by Grant Curle (strings) and Roberta Hunt (piano) will be the musical fair for the evening. Keeping in line with the nomadic feel the spectrum will vary from Tango and Jazz to Roma melodic improvisation.

Foods on the table and the drinks in the back, we hope to see you there.

Opening Thursday December 17, 2009 6-9pm

DeLeon White Gallery

1139 College Street West Toronto

Exhibition continues to December 19 (three days only!)

Check out my website for some images of the new work.