Hello Blog

Long time no see. Its been an eventful couple months; often little time to catch my breath let alone think about editing and posting images. But do not worry, little blog, I have not abandoned you completely. New York in March was amazing! I saw heaps of great art, met many wonderful people and received lots of positive responses to my work.
Here is a random street shot, and below is a charming cafe I found myself in late one night.
After NY I began work for an upcoming two person exhibition at Jacana Gallery in Vancouver, and a group show at Sopa Fine Arts in Kelowna. The work is coming along quite nicely but I'm not ready to post pics yet.

My parents have a little pond now, so cute; wish I could spend more time there.
Below is some moss I found in the woods by my folks place. Love the contrast and similarity between the tiny moss shoots and the trees.

Here are some pics from a recent trip to Los Angeles.
This is part of the eastern arm of the Rockies.


The Grand Canyon: spectacular!

This is the approach to LAX. LA is so huge it just goes on and on.

Five minutes on the beach.

I have more great pics from the flight home. More soon.