Hello again

A lot has happened this past month, holidays notwithstanding. G and I have moved into our own place! Since our return to Toronto we had been living in a sublet-ed apt/studio; we have now moved into a live/work loft. The space was wide open when we got it; we had to build the studio into it, paint everything and build some storage lofts. The past month and a half has been consumed by packing/building/moving/unpacking. I have neglected most communications, sorry to those I am taking long replying to. Its not all done but this week the studio is mostly finished and I've been able to start painting again! Which means I feel like myself again. Yay!
People who are driven to create will be able to relate to the restless energy and pent up frustration one feels when life takes over and there is not enough time for art. But, I am back at it, much relieved:)

These images are a few new paintings on mylar I am currently working on; from a series I am calling "Pocket Storms". They are approx. 30 x 40". They will still get some final glaze coats.