Light at the end of the tunnel

Its going to sound dramatic but I do feel like I can see the other end of this winter now. For a while it felt like it was just dark and cold all the time. Now the days are getting longer, the sun comes out more often and things are looking very hopeful indeed. I am working on some new paintings I am very excited about; but I'll show those later. Here's some recent pics of outside.
This was the view from our bedroom window this morning.

This was along the morning walk.

This is a shot G took of the frost on the window when we were in deep freeze earlier this week. There was frost covering almost all our windows, we could hardly see out. It doesn't usually get so cold here; I've heard the terms 'record breaking cold winter' and 'record breaking snowfall' used quite a few times this year.

The back of our house yesterday, I just love the formal properties of this shot.