Days getting shorter

Busy busy in the studio. Last week sent 4 pieces off to Newzones in Calgary, now working on 6 for Bjornson Kajiwara in Vancouver and 2 more for Tatar for TIAF. All has to be done before I leave for Ontario mid-September.
Very excited about the new stuff but I'll save that for another post.
Back to the updating: here's a piece which appeared in the Current a few weeks ago:

Went for a hike one afternoon, about an hour's hike from home I was on this ridge; in the far distance you can just see St. John's. Yes, you can see St. John's from Pouch Cove!

I haven't been writing about the artists that have been here this summer because that would be too much to write but who am I to write about them? I am merely an observer and sometimes a guide. To see who's been here go to A number of wonderful people have been through.

The weather has turned. One morning last week I stepped outside and the air had changed; it is that cool fall air that always feels so refreshing after a summer of sticky heat. Except we didn't have any sticky heat. I still love it. I think its my favorite time of year. Feels like new beginnings.