Sea Kayaking

Went out to Bay Bulls yesterday for a sea kayaking adventure with some friends. The weather was the best we've had this year and the ocean was nice and calm.

We all had tandem kayaks, Grant was in the front of ours. The front person sets the pace, while the back has control of the steering.

We traveled loosely with the group. There were many caves and inlets to explore.

Here's Mark and Sarah.

Me, in my new cap; given to me the night before by a local fisherman named Andy who met Grant that day and invited us over for delicious cod.

This is one brave fellow, the water looks inviting but it was cold; about 8 degrees celsius.

We saw many puffins and a whale but i didn't manage to get any shots of those. The puffins are very small; maybe half the size of a mallard duck. Super cute; they always look surprised.