Playing tourist

Played tourist these past few days with our guest Ann. These are pics from our drive on the Irish Loop; around the bottom of the Avalon Pennisula.Above and below is a small fishing village, name escapes me at this moment, not far south of St. John's.

This is Ferryland

Further south, on the barrens, i wish i could capture how vast this treeless landscape is.

There was a herd of many hundreds as recently as a decade ago until a brain parasite wiped out most of them. We saw two small groups along the road.

Pebble beach along the road to Cape Race, southern tip of the Avalon, i put the house in for scale.

Little jellyfish stranded at low tide.

The little spec in the upper right corner, thats Ann, Grant and Ross; this place is so immense. we were the only people out that day. Above and the two below are of a rookery along the road to Cape Race.

Foghorn at Cape Race

Peter's river

Peter's river