Day in the life

frozen pipe in our house burst, g goes down to fix it in the tiny crawlspace under the house, he's working away when beside him in the dark he sees a dead cat. yes. this cat has been there longer than we've been in the house; quite a bit longer. that explains the smell in the entryway to the house. i thought it was the beer bottles.
later, he gets the pipes fixed, i turn the main valve to turn the water back on ... nothing. we call in the local plumber who confirms the valve needs to be replaced but the town needs to turn the water off at the curb in order to do it.
great, i say, lets go to the town office.
wait, says the plumber, everyone in the town office is already at the party at the club. we'll have to wait till tomorrow.
of course, what was i thinking? its four o'clock in the afternoon.

ah, small town life:)